6 Ways Your Body Indicates That You Are Overstressed And Need To Work On It

As adults, most of us tend to get a bit stressed. It has been found out that about 40% of the adults are going to go through stressful situations. While stress almost seems constant and it is increasing every day, we are all aware that it is harmful to our body. It can result in anxiety, diabetes, heart troubles, mental conditions, asthma and also, skin issues. It is important that we identify the signs that our body gives out when we are stressed. Once we acknowledge these signs, we can counter the ill effects and lower our stress levels.

Some of the signs that show whether we are stressed or not are:

1. Mood Changes
When you are having sudden changes in your mood, like for example, you are happy for a few seconds and then, suddenly, you become irritated, it is a sign of stress. It could also lead to anxiety and you will hesitate to talk to others openly.

2. Lack Of Patience
If you tend to get angry all of a sudden or irritated at people, then, it could be a sign of stress, provided you have no history of constant short-temperateness. Also, you will feel less patience while dealing with other people and any small mistake on their part would make you fly off the handle. It’s like you are always on the edge. Maybe it is time to go for help.

3. Eating Problems
If you are either eating in excess or your appetite just isn’t there, then you might have stress issues. Worrying too much about people and about your future will lead to stress and eventually make you lose a lot of weight or gain a lot of it.

4. Loss of Hair
This has been considered as a symptom of stress for a long time. It is possible that due to stress and the release of stress hormones in our body, our hair health is hampered. Prolonged stress can be detected easily if you suddenly enter the phase of consistent hair fall. The worse thing is once your hair starts to fall, you end up getting stressed more, therefore amplifying the effects of stress.

5. Problems Of Sleep
A person should take proper steps to sleep well. Sleeping is necessary and any change in the sleeping patterns can drastically affect your body. A person should sleep for about 6-8 hours a day. If you are suffering from insomnia or if you are sleeping for a long time, then you must be suffering from stress.

6. Body Pain
Your body does not want you to get stressed and so, it shows a lot of indications to make you aware of any accumulation of stress. One of its classic signs is aching. If you feel like your body muscles are in a knot or that your chest is paining slightly, then, don’t take it lightly. It might be an indicator of stress.

Try to change your lifestyle if you want to get rid of stress. Start meditation or yoga. If nothing seems to work, go for a therapist. Stress is terrible for your body – make sure to control and get rid of it any way you can.






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